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Organizations & Associations

We Can Help You Add Revenue, Value for Members,
Seminars & Talks. All Custom-Tailored & Affordable.

5 Ways to Benefit Your Organization:

1. Tax-Free Retirement Programs
2. Fund-Raising Programs
3. Outreach & Branding Promotions
4. Educational Seminars
5. Event Speakers

10 Ways to Grow & Protect Members
Individual & Family Assets.

1.     Cash Accumulation with Average 9% 25-Year ROI
2.     Guaranteed Protection Against Market Loss
3.     Penalty-Free, Tax-Free Access At Any Age
4.     No Mandatory Age Distribution
5.     Protection from Law Suits, Judgments, IRS
6.     No Minimum Age or Income Requirements
7.     Does Not Affect College Financial Aid
8.     Long-Term Care Benefits
9.     Living Benefits
10.   Death Benefits While Avoiding Probate

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Working for the Betterment of Kids,
People & The Planet!

Making the World a Better Place,
One PAK at a Time!