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“The Working Dead”

Author, Educator Lyle Benjamin
Speaks about the Solution To
The Financial Crisis for Employees

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The Why

If you’re looking for statistics and practical financial solutions you can use to help solve the problems you face as you struggle to achieve your financial goals … this is the book for you.

On the other hand, if you’re not so much into the numbers and the concrete concepts, and are more motivated by the emotional part of your brain … we’ve got you covered too. Actually, most of this preface is for you.

Plus the other 40 chapters. Because, like it or not, you need to know the numbers “stuff” too. And more importantly, you need to act on it. So whether you’re “right” brain or “left” brain, I want you to ask yourself this question: “What is the pain it’s going to cause me if I don’t reach my financial goals?”

Put your life up on the screen like it’s a movie, and really see what your life will be like if you don’t achieve your financial objectives. Instead of being able to eat out in any restaurant you choose, imagine being confined to eating microwave dinners at home, because you’re counting your nickels and that’s all you can budget.

Not able to afford a second home on the beach? Imagine having to move into the basement of your child’s house, because you burned through your retirement money, and social security doesn’t cover your basic living expenses.

Or even more likely, you’re one of the 7 out of 10 americans that will need chronic care or long term care during your life, and you can’t afford to pay the $250,000 it costs out of pocket. What then? Instead of traveling around the world, will you be limited to just going to the Bingo Hall down the block?

Think about it. It’s not a pretty picture. But this is reality for millions of hard-working Americans who never imagined that their lives would turn out like they did.

Now think about this: There is a financial crisis in this country that has been building for decades upon decades. We have felt its tremors and suffered from its seemingly cataclysmic earthquakes. And each time we have crawled up out of the pit, inch by inch, month by month, year after year.

And we have listened to the pundits and the power brokers, the politicians and the educators, the liars and the snake oil salesman, and convinced ourselves that they hold the key to our salvation.

But year after year as we run along the path to our ultimate destination, the road is stretching out further and further into the distance. We
are running harder and harder, while our rewards are fading into the haze of a distant future.

For the first time an entire generation of working-age children fears that they will not be able exceed the lifestyle of their parents.

The gap in this country is no longer between the rich and the poor: The gap is now between the rich and the middle class, and it’s growing wider and wider with each passing year.

And everything from the government to the banks to Wall Street, to the colleges and the corporations they serve, gives lip service to the problem, and then gorges themselves on our blood, sweat and tears. (I told you this preface was more for the emotional crowd.)

Regardless of your income, education or where you are financially, it’s time to take control of your future.

But like many people, you have serious questions that need serious, well-considered answers. Go to our website TheWorkingDead.us, register, log-in, and complete ACTION ALERT #1.

After you finish the book, you’re encouraged to take the survey again and compare it to what you noted today. Regardless of your education or your income, the changes might very well surprise you.

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What is in Your Financial Plan?

If your plan does not include these four cornerstones, then it’s time to get a new plan for yourself, your family & your future

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