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Custom Benefit Programs

For Owners, Employees, Contractors, Spouses & Children

Four Problems You Face In Business & The One Solution

Problem #1: You need to increase your Revenue
Problem #2: You pay too much in Taxes and Expenses
Problem #3: You’re worried about Liability

Problem #4: You have Employees & you need to keep
them hardworking & happy

Financial Adviser, Author and Executive Director of a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Educational Organization, Lyle Benjamin, has written “The Working Dead” – The essential “Money Book” that provides real
world solutions to these problems.

Call today & find out how quickly your problems can be solved when you have the right people & companies working on your behalf

Problem #4: You have Employees & you need to keep them hardworking & happy

Solution #4: Owner, Employee & Contractor Custom Benefit Plans

  • Free Company Set-Up
  • Free Administration
  • 100% Owner Controlled Contribution
  • One-Step Termination with
    No Additional Paperwork
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“The True Measure Of a Person’s Wealth is Not How Much They Make, But How Much They Get To Keep.”

Custom Employee, Agent, Family Benefits Plans

Your Benefits Include: 

  • Free Financial Education
  • Free Consultation & Help
  • Free Insurance Review

Get The Best Plan To:

  • Properly Build For Retirement [401k not the answer]
  • Fund Children’s College Education [529 not the answer]
  • Reduce The Effects Of Inflation [Banks not the answer]
  • Build Wealth Tax-Free by IRS Code [Stock not the answer]

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Get “The Working Dead” Free

Custom & Affordable Plans: Financial • Health • Legal

  • Cash Growth, Accumulation & Protection Against Loss of Income
  • Protection Against Long Term Care Costs
  • Protection Against Lawsuits, Creditors, Judgements, Probate
  • Protection Against Financial & Medical Identity Theft
  • Receive Unlimited Free Legal Advice
  • Receive Emergency 24/7 Free Legal Assistance
  • Receive Free Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf
  • Receive Free Legal Document Review
  • Receive Free Standard Will Preparation & Yearly Revisions
Get “The Working Dead” Free

It’s Not How Much You Make. It’s How Much You Get To Keep.

Providing The Four Cornerstones For Your Financial Foundation

Custom Plan Benefits

  • Tax-Free Cash Accumulation for Retirement, Home Purchase, Travel at Any Age
  • 100% Guaranteed Protection Against Market Loss
  • No Penalties for Early Withdrawal
  • Guaranteed Cash Payment to Family on individual’s Death (From $100,000 to $3,000,000)
  • Funds Protected Against Lawsuits, Creditors, Judgments, Probate & Bankruptcy
  • Chronic Care & Long Term Care Cash Payments up to $9,900 Monthly (when qualified)
  • Plans Can Be Used to Help Fund College, Home Ownership, Etc.
  • Individual or Family Legal Services for 12 months for less than the cost of a single consultation
  • Many More Benefits

Set-Up To Start-Up In Four Simple Steps

  1. Your Company: Informs Staff/Contractors that it’s implementing Custom Benefit Plans
  2. Your Company: Provides contact spreadsheet of owners/employees/contract workers
  3. Our Org: Provides free educational seminars and private individual meetings
  4. Your Company: Begins custom monthly contributions to specified staff only
Get “The Working Dead” Free

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People & The Planet!

Making the World a Better Place,
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