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Business Opportunities & Career Track Programs:

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“If you aren’t on the career path you want and need then you owe it to yourself to see whether you are suitable for any of these positions.”

Our Mission:  

​Background: Program Director, Lyle Benjamin, has been volunteering his time and expertise for years to run college based Internship and Work Experience Programs in conjunction with schools including NYC, Pace, Parsons, Pratt, Columbia, Cornell, Syracuse, St. Johns, etc. While giving valuable ​interdisciplinary instruction to students and graduates.

Benjamin knew that it was not enough: People need to supplement knowledge with income, and being financially independent means having a career, not a job. This approach led Benjamin to investigate major areas of need in the country (see below) and align his programs with other Socially Responsible Organizations that have compatible Missions: Helping Individuals and Families.

Get “The Working Dead” Free

Financial Services Career Program:

FINANCIAL SERVICES WORK PROGRAM: Duties: Help assess individual and family needs to educate people on how to build the most effective retirement plans, educational funding plans, and/or estate preservation plans. No Sales Experience required. No selling, no cold calling, no canvassing, no quotas required.

ALL TRAINING PROVIDED: Through lectures and on-going seminars (group training), small group workshops and discussions (team meetings), individualized training (mentoring sessions) and field training (mentoring sessions). Reading materials and videos are available on-line and in print. Requires State License which can be received concurrently.

​FINANCIAL GOALS: Step by Step program can have you earning thousands while you are still in training with the goal of a high five or six figure income after first year while working with some of the best companies in the financial services industry.

OWNERSHIP: When individuals have obtained promotions within the organization they will be eligible to have full ownership rights including: Selling, Willing or Retiring and still earning income.

Legal Services Career Program:

​LEGAL SERVICES: Duties: Help individuals, families and businesses get an array of legal services from top-rated law firms in the United States and Canada for only a low cost monthly fee.

Legal services includes unlimited legal advice on any number of issues, 24/7 emergency assistance, motor vehicle moving violations, letter and phone calls, document review will preparation, debt collection, landlord/tenant, small claims court, social security, medicare and veteran’s benefits, estate settlement, trial defense, IRS audit, financial/medical/driver’s license identity theft protection/restoration and more.

Health Care Services Career Program:

HEALTH CARE PROTECTION: Duties: Help individuals and families through part-time and full-time career track programs by providing education, analysis and programs for Long Term Care, Disability Care; Emergency Care, Secure Income Coverage. Part-time and Full-time work is available. Government regulated and licensed professional position where we provide all training so you can earn while you learn. Can be combined with Financial Services and/or Legal Services positions for maximum flexibility and benefit to individuals and families. Requires State License which can be received concurrently.

Get “The Working Dead” Free

Business Development, Marketing, Education & Publishing Programs:

BRANDING MANAGER: Domestic & International. Publishing. Book Series endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – Duties: Educate and Inform businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies regarding our mission, books and programs and help secure branding and sponsorships; domestically and internationally. Also work to establish separate Board of Advisors in foreign countries charged with culturally adapting books to their own country prior to publication.

PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Domestic & International. Duties: Share our Education, Publishing, Business Development & Financial Services programs with Colleges & Universities and work to establish organizational presence where we can institute our programs and attract qualified candidates. Istep: International Student Training Exchange Program.

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