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How Much Would 10, 20 or 30 New Clients & Customers
Add to Your Bottom Line?

The Mission Inside The Numbers:

Working with the non-profit educational organization, 16ThingsKidsCanDo.Org, ESBN Community Outreach Circulars are designed with Social Responsibility in mind as they work to benefit three important groups in a local area:  
(1) Help Individuals get the opportunity to Learn Valuable Business & Life Skills while earning at a much higher rate than most hourly jobs
(2) Help Businesses get needed additional revenue from local residents
(3) Help Residents get much needed discounts from a wide variety of local businesses that they would otherwise not receive.

Through the Community Outreach Circulars you are reaching up to 58,000 residents in your area. Including the neighbor 3 blocks away that doesn’t even know you’re there for them.  And because the Circulars have only a few featured companies — businesses are seen and used — not buried inside a newspaper between hundreds of other ads. 

Additionally, we limit the number of vendors in each Circular to give businesses maximum impact and maximum return on their money.  Often the cost for the entire 10-12 week program can be paid for by a single customer!

​And, when you get into the Circular, you automatically get onto our website for free where you can get additional exposure, additional business and additional money for your bottom line.

What are the Advertising Advantages:

• Unlike newspapers or magazines we give you a full 10-12 Weeks of circulation!
• From 5,000 to 25,000 Community distribution reaching up to 58,000 customers!
• Thousands of Dollars worth of savings in every newsletter!
• Feature a limited number of businesses so listings are seen & used!
• A format that is easy to save and use, and NOT throw away!
• Inexpensive way to get your name out to new customers!
• Inexpensive way to remind old customers to use you!
• Distributed to a large number of homeowners and area residents!
• Only one or two featured businesses in the same industry!

• Restaurants sign-ups are limited to 8, but only 2 in same cuisine!

• Free Web coverage on our site!

Special Savings for Your Wallet:
• All Rates Include Design & Typesetting at NO cost to you.
• Full-Color Ads as little as $144 for 10 to 12 Weeks.
• 10% Discount on all pre-paid orders at 1st contact
• 25% Discount on 4 consecutive CN Sign-Ups!
• 10% Discount on orders over $1,500.
• 10% Discount on multiple businesses from same owner
• 10% Credit on every paid business referral
• Free 3 Day/2 Night Hotel vacation voucher on all 4x pre-paid orders

Special Savings for Your Wallet:
• 5,000 Business or Promotion Cards:  Full Color, 2-Sided, 14 pt Card Stock with Overprint Varnish!
Regularly $275.  For a Limited Time:  Only $149!  Order Today!

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